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Hobbyzone OM01a - Drawers Module x 6
Hobbyzone OM01a - Drawers Module x 6OM01a -Drawers Module x 6The Modulehas six drawers with wind...

Hobbyzone OM02b - Drawers Module x 2
Hobbyzone OM02b - Drawers Module x 2OM02b -Drawers Module x 2The modulehas two drawers with sepa...

Tamiya Grasshopper
Tamiya GrasshopperGrasshopper : The Tamiya Grasshopper off-road RC buggy in 1/...


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2200mah 30c
3S deal
deans connector

overlander 2200mah 30c

2200mah 30c
now in stock
Our Price 17.99.

Lithium base batteries

With regards to all Lithium base batteries, please chargethe battery with the proper charger for that type of battery. When charging itis recommended that you use a charge bag. When the battery need re-charged donot leave the battery attached to the model, remove or disconnect as soon asthe session is over. Failure to disconnect may lead to the battery beingdischarged and rendered unchangeable. This is not a faulty battery and is notcovered by any warranty. If the battery is disconnected after each use andcharged for the appropriate time, then it should last for several months. Leavinga battery on charge using a charger that only attaches thru the balance lead,may lead to the battery overcharging rendering the battery useless or is somecases may actually discharge the battery rendering it useless.