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2200mah 30c
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deans connector

overlander 2200mah 30c

2200mah 30c
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Our Price 17.99.

how to start a nitro car

Getting your car started

Getting the car started for the first time is usually one of those frustrating moments.

By following this check list you should get the car started relatively quickly.

1 insert the batteries and check all functions inc. steering, throttle, direction, gaps etc. switch car off

2 fill tank with fuel

3 remove glow plug

4 remove air filter if not already done so

5 manually open throttle, slowly turn servo arm

6 check main needle setting, turn main needle all the way in till it stops then, 2 turns out for a 10th scale 3 turns out for an 8th scale(approx settings)

7 put thumb over carb and start pulling pull start.

8 when fuel comes out the top of engine stop pulling p/start

9 put cloth over head of engine turn car upside down and pull p/start several times.

10 check, glow plug is working and put back into head of engine be careful!!!!.

11 switch car on check gap in carb about 1- 1.5 mm

12 lock glow starter onto glow plug on engine

13 pull the pull start several times the car should start.

14 if car does not start go back to No 3

The following are some pit falls that may cause damage to your car engine

Hauling on the pull start to the point of destruction

Pulling pull start without getting fuel into th engine, thus not lubricating the engine may cause adverse wear.

Holding the car off the ground and revving the engine can cause irreversible damage

Collateral damage