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Irvine 40
abc engine

irvine 40

Irvine 40 engine to clear
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Air-Core Duo packs ME-109
Air-Core Duo packs ME-109 Air-core Duo PacksThe Air-Core duo packs are the simplest ...

Aircore Du0 Pack P-51 Mustang
Aircore Du0 Pack P-51 Mustang Air-core Duo PacksThe Air-Core duo packs are the simplest a...

SEAGULL BOOMERANG V2 40-46 TRAINERWingspan - 155cm (61ins)Wing area - (612 sq.ins)Su...

     SEAGULL ARISING STAR 40 TRAINERWingspan - 63ins (160cm) Wing area - 645 sq.ins (41.6 dm.sq)...


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11.1v Lipo
2200mah 30c

overlander 2200mah 30c

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Radio Controlled car, Helicopter and Air Planes
Sold in the UK
We are a Glasgow based model shop .
Offering a range of radio controlled cars, trucks, helicopters and air planes
all at competitive prices, Sold in the UK.

Ominous Dromida
Quad Copter

ominousThe Ominus is the unstoppable robotic menace of other quad's worst nightmares, but it will fly like a dream for you. Gyro stabilization, four flight modes, high-powered motors, intense LEDs—it's all here to help you get the most out of every flight.
This is the quad for beginners—almost impossible to break and has a host of great features.

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Ominous Price £59.99


FTX Viper Sandrail

viper sandrailThe FTX Viper is a not your normal snake in the grass. This is a sand snake that captures the spirit of highly modified, super fast dune buggies trailing a path through the dunes of California.
Loaded with scale features the Viper is a fantastic 4wd electric powered true scale 1/8th buggy, that will really turn heads before you gun the throttle and even more once it motors up to top speed.

Sandrail Price £179.99


Baja Prime Buggy

bajaThe Prime Baja is a rear wheel drive 1/10th scale off-road electric desert buggy. With fully adjustable suspension, long travel oil filled shocks and amazing amounts of articulation, you get good ground clearance and the ability to drive over the most technical of courses with ease.

Baja Price £99.99