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Irvine 40
abc engine

irvine 40

Irvine 40 engine to clear
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Great Planes U - Can - Do 3D .60
Back in stock
still at low price

Great Planes U - Can - Do 3D .60<br>Back in stock<br> still at low priceWingspan: 65 InchesWing Chord: 16.5 InchesTotal Wing Area: 1...

Chris Foss Wots Wot artf Bi-Plane
Due August

Chris Foss Wots Wot artf Bi-Plane<br>Due AugustThe new Wots Wot biplane is the latest model in the growing ...


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2200mah 30c

overlander 2200mah 30c

2200mah 30c
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Flyzone Hadron Tx-R

HadronWith nearly all of their flying surfaces horizontal by design, flying wings are limited when it comes to yaw authority. The Flyzone Hadron stretches the envelope to include violent spinning maneuvers and extreme aerobatics. How? Credit the large fin, plus a thrust vectoring unit that allows the Hadron’s experienced pilot to tilt the motor and redirect the thrust — giving the model greater maneuvering potential in addition to exciting speed!

£169.99 Each

Great Planes
U-Can-Do .46

The U-Can-Do .46 Radio Controlled model plane offers outstanding performance, With its huge control surfaces it can be well mannered on a .40-.46 two stroke or a hovering 3D wonder with a good .70 4 stroke!

Our Price £110.99

UDI U829A 6-Axis X-Large Drone
(With Camera)

udi u829aTake the popular Drone format and go large... very large! It's an imposing sight in the air, but no more tricky to fly and very stable. The perfect platform for the included on-board digital camera that can record stills and movie footage. A 6 axis gyro keeps everything under control and there's even a 360° flip function!

Price £89.99

Udi U839 Nano Quad 2.4GHz RTF

udi nanoUDI have taken the proven technology of their larger quadcopters and shrunk it down into this Nano U839 drone quad. When set in advanced mode the U839 is incredibly nimble yet in the novice setting it is suitable for beginner to learn with thanks to the stability provided by the inbuilt 6 axis gyro.

Price £29.99